My name is Jade Braham and welcome to my blog.

I starting blogging  on a whim about a year ago and initially it was as a literature reviewer. As much as I love to write about books and plays (which don’t get me wrong is one of my favourite passions and I will continue to do so at brahamjade.wordpress.com), I quickly realised that my all time, unwavering passion is travelling, specifically exploring historical sites, museums or anywhere that will enrich my understanding of the world we see today and it’s building blocks (the past that shaped its’ course).

I have always loved travelling! One of my earliest memories is from the time when my family and I were holidaying in Spain and I remember being fascinated by the culture and history of the place (of course I didn’t fully understand or appreciate it to the extent I do now). But the idea of discovering the history behind say one of the many castles we visited there has stuck with me. I now can’t visit a new country, historical place or places that have had important events take place without grilling the guides or locals for minute details. To this day I can’t go anywhere without buying a guide-book that develops my understanding of the past.

A result of my nerdy interests I wanted to create a blog to document my travels. Not just to inform those who are interested about its historical importance but also to give tips on the best ways to travel, to give advice on what to visit or look out for, to give my opinion on the best countries to holiday in, etc. I would love feedback on my posts and if there are any suggestions or areas of travel you’d like me to blog about I’m more than happy to do so.

I hope that you enjoy this blog and I look forward to reading your comments.

Thanks for visiting AdventureronTour.

— Jade x